Sean, My Love

Sean, My Love,

I know it’s best to communicate. I left this letter with the locals at Pillbox in case they saw you. I am sorry for taking off the way I did. I have so many mixed emotions. Sissy is awake now as you probably know by now. I fear that my worst fear is about to come true. We have hardly had sex since her death, since I’ve been given the okay. We have not done much even in the way of actually spending quality time together. You say that you don’t want a relationship based on sex, granted ours isn’t. But what is it ….was it based on? I have tried to tell you all we’ve ever done together in the past 5 months with the exception of once that I can recall was stay home…cuddle….and take care of the girls. It’s been a very boring existence, now I fear that with sissy’s return your going to revert to how you were….but yet once again, forget about my existence.


I’m going to become a third wheel. I know it, I was hoping in these past few months that things would have changed that we might have even gotten closer…but I have never felt more apart from you then ever. I’m sorry I took off like that, but I’m honestly not sure how I feel about her return. Just when I started getting used to being without her she comes back. I guess I should be happy she’s not dead. If you’re reading this, you know I’ve been here. I do love you, but it hurts knowing that I’m about to become that third wheel. First chance you get, you will jump at the chance to fuck her. You know it, but you’ve had plenty of chances and opportunities and you won’t even jump at the chance to be with me or spend time with me the way you will her. Like I said before, I’m second best…and her return will only prove it. I love you, and you don’t need to deny it.


I love you with all my heart. I just can’t bare the thought of losing you…..and I feel like I am going to.

It hurts so bad my love, you have treated me so differently since Sissy’s…..death? I guess this entire time, it’s to be expected….Maybe you didn’t intend on it but I’ve literally only become the mother of the girls. Their food bag…Not your girlfriend, your housemaid. That’s just how I feel. The other day at the museum was so great and it would have been nice to have more days like that.


Needless to say I now know where I stand. And no, this is not a breakup letter. Take it as you will. I love you, when your ready to talk, you’ll be able to find me.


Onyx Angel: Your girlfriend…Hopefully still your girlfriend



(water drops can be seen through the letter as it looks like she was crying as she wrote it)

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