Elvine & The Blizzard Community

By now, you have probably heard about Elvine being busted in a sex sting.

Elvine is a popular World of Warcraft Streamer & gold maker.

21 people were arrested as a result of child porn and sex trafficking crimes. Thomas Cheung, who goes by Elvine was one of those persons arrested.

This has affected the Blizzard community. The community was struck in shock & surprise to learn of the accusations against Elvine.

Elvine & Blizzard Entertainment

Elvine started out making gold as a fellow gold maker. He was followed and loved by many within the blizzard and wow community.


Elvine Converts to Twitch Streamer

After establishing himself, he converted to stream and even became partnered. People would recognize him at BlizzCon.


Experiences with Elvine

Some players reported both negative and positive experiences with Elvine. It is possible that a lot of players have lost respect for Elvine as a result of the accusations, but still insist they will continue playing the game and remaining in the blizzard communities.


Stabs at Gnomes

A reddit post is taking stabs at gnomes due to Elvine playing a gnome on streams. As if the gnomes didn’t have it any worse, now more gnome jokes are about to come out of the woodwork.

The accusation against Elvine has hit the Blizzard community by storm. It would not surprise us if those who played gnomes race changed as a result, so in the end blizzard could end up with more money as a result.


Will you be race changing your gnomes? What are your thoughts on Elvine and his accusations?

Good luck and good hunting!

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