Why I Write

I have always loved writing, ever since  I was a little girl.

I have always excelled at Reading, so I am more right-brained then anything. I used to get in trouble for writing in class. My principal used to have me write him stories because he loved reading them but just wanted me to pay more attention. At one time, my dream was to be an author.


The older I got, the less I wrote. It always felt like something is missing in my life, and I have been trying to write a book but I can never seem to find the inspiration behind it. I did apply to DVS Gaming about a year ago and joined them as a writer.  After they shut down originally, I missed writing so much, I ended up trying to write news for this one website that dealt with the Xbox. I’m not an Xbox gamer so I left there, it just wasn’t fun for me. I wanted to write what I was passionate about. I started a Wow Guild Blog that never took off, so I shut that down.

DVS Gaming would return, but this time with Warcraft Memes. I wrote on that site for about a week, then they moved me back over to DVS Gaming and shut down Warcraft memes. They never really focused on it if you ask me or gave it a chance, but it’s okay. As time progressed, I grew bolder. I applied to write for The Gold Queen and Sims VIP. I am in the “training” processes for The Gold Queen.


Sims VIP ended up removing me after I submitted my second draft because she said my quality wasn’t where they wanted it to be. I think they are wrong, I was never really given a chance honestly. She wanted my articles more story like but wouldn’t expand on what she meant other than “telling it like a story.” To me, I am thinking okay, that would be kind of like a lore article I have written for DVS Gaming, like my recent Lady Jaina article on whether or not she was really a traitor.

I nearly cried, but the team for The Gold Queen made me feel better. I realize I have friends. The writing business especially gaming journalism can be a harsh world. Overall, why do I write? I love writing. I always wanted to be an author growing up, I guess you could say in a way I am. I am just not sure if I feel completely “accomplished.”


You tell me, what do you think? As a gaming journalist, do you think I am an author? Or just a gaming reporter? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on if I succeeded at being an author like I wanted to even if not in the way I expected.

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