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Disorganized Folders

Disorganized folders:

All too often I see disorganized mods folders.

This bothers not just me, but others who help support mods on a regular basis.

There are a number of reasons as to why you might decide you want to pull ALL the files out of a mod, such as Road to Fame, but I can name ONE reason as to why you shouldn’t.

The mod does not work right, you then remove the mod but then you have issues and we see Last exceptions because you left a file in your mods folder.

Why is this a problem?

The problem is there are so many people who do not know that it is okay to put folders in subfolders. There are rules of course.


Script Mods

Script mods are mods that use scripts and can only go one folder deep and package files or cc and objects can go five folders deep.  If you place Script Mods more than one folder deep, they will not work.

script mods

Non-Script Mods

Non-Script mods include custom content and other game-changing mods that do not require scripts to work. These mods and CC can be up to 5 subfolders deep.

Non script

Why is the organization important?

The organization is important so you can keep mods with multiple packages and files like Road to Fame together. All too often, if you go to remove a mod, like Road to Fame and you leave even one file from it can cause a bunch of Last Exceptions and other errors in your game.

We beg of you, behalf of me and other support team members. Please, organize your folders. If you are overwhelmed or have a hard time doing so, you can contact Shin for PC or Athena for Mac and hire them to organize your folders for you.


CNWW Warning Message

CNWW is a mod for bestiality, pedophilia, and rape. According to the rules of any server and the opinion of the Support Team, we do not offer help to those who use it. We will ask you to remove everything from that mod and to provide us with a file detailing the contents of your /Mods folder showing you’ve deleted everything. We will also mark that you have used this mod; this will be your only warning: if you come back with this mod in your lastException.txt file, you will be banned. Failure to follow our rules will result in a permanent ban. Do not try to fight us on this, you will not win. I also personally will NOT assist you when you are using this mod and will advise you to remove it./

Le CNWW, c’est un mod de la zoophilie, de la pédophilie, et du viol. D’après les règles de notre serveur et d’après l’avis du Support Team, nous n’offrons pas d’aide à ceux qui l’utilisent. On demandera que vous supprimiez tous les fichiers de ce mod et que vous nous procuriez un fichier détaillant le contenu de votre dossier /Mods pour nous montrer que vous avez les tous supprimés. Nous noterons aussi qui vous avez eu ce mod ; cela sera votre seul avertissement : si vous revenez de nouveau avec ce mod dans votre fichier lastException.txt, nous allons vous bannir. Défaut de suivre nos règles entraînera un bannissement permanent. N’essayez pas de nous disputer : vous n’y réussirez pas.

I CNWW è un mod della zoofilia, della pedofilia, e degli stupro. Secondo le regole di questo server e secondo l’opinione degli Support Team, noi non offriamo d’aiuto a quelli che lo usano. Noi ti chiederemo che elimini tutti i file e che ci dia un file dettagliato il contenuto della tua cartella /Mods per mostrare che hai eliminato tutti i file da questo mod.  Noi noteremo anche che hai usato questo mod; sarà il tuo solo avvertimento: se rivieni con questo mod nello tuo file lastException.txt, noi andiamo bannarti. Il mancato rispetto delle nostre regole comporterà l’espulsione permanente. Non cerca di contestare: non ci riuscirai.


El CNWW es un mod de la zoofilia, de la pedofilia, y de estupro. Según las reglas de este servidor y según la opinión del Support Team, no ofrecemos ayuda a quienes lo usan. Pediremos que retire todos los archivos de este mod y que nos dé un archivo detallando el contento de su carpeta /Mods para mostrar que ha retirado todos los archivos de este mod. Notaremos también que ha usado este mod; será su sola advertencia: si volverá con este mod en su archivo lastException.txt, se vamos banear. El incumplimiento de nuestras reglas dará lugar a una prohibición permanente. No intente discutir: no conseguirá.


O CNWW é um mod da zoofilia, da pedofilia, e do estupro. De acordo com as regras de este servidor y da opinião do Support Team, nós não oferecemos ajuda a aqueles que o usam. Nós pediremos que você retire todos os arquivos de este mod e que nos dê um arquivo detalhando o conteúdo da sua pasta /Mods para mostrar que tem retirado todos os arquivos de este mod. Nós notaremos também que tem usado este mod; será a sua sola advertência: se volverá com este mod no seu arquivo lastException.txt, vamos banir você. Falta em seguir as nossa regras dará lugar a una prohibição permanente. Não tente discutir: não conseguirá.

LE Cheat Sheet

There just can not be too many of these!~

 Other helpful links:

Cheat Sheet by Onyxangel (A must-read for beginners–A big thanks for this!)

MCCC Settings

MCCC Command Search

WickedWhims Help

AHQ’s compiled list of reported gameplay bugs

AHQ’s Report Bugs


Last Exception Errors & Solutions — WIP

(compiled from DC search, OnyxAngels cheat sheet, the older cheat sheet and a doc I have saved over time while learning from all of you–Thanks to ALL!)


<?xml version=”1.0″ ?><root>



Blank LE. This means MC sees a problem but cannot determine exactly what it is. Check the broken mod list then use the 50/50 method to find the culprit–start with the latest mods you have installed. And as always, delete localthumcache.package anytime you make changes to your mod folder.




<desyncdata>Exception in Sim Timeline: Exception running Element (TypeError: an integer is required (got type NoneType))&#xD;
Traceback (most recent call last):&#xD;



EA bug related to apartments. Safe to ignore. If you cannot stand getting errors then I suggest you move out of Myshuno–it’s like the ghetto IRL.


<desyncdata>  Failure: ‘tmex-alwaysfulleditmode’ (tmex-alwaysfulleditmode) (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tmex-alwaysfulleditmode’)



Outdated Tmex’s alwaysfulleditmode mod. Delete it and then DL the latest from his Patreon site (free):


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.FireBug:BurningKiss!”Touching Interactiong”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.DG:BOC_End Criminal Partnership”Touching Interaction”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.DG:ExtremeViolence_AskToBePartnerInCrime”Touching Interaction”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.DG:ExtremeViolence_End Criminal Partnership”Touching Interaction”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.FireBug:TheKissOfDeath!”Touching Interactiong”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.FireBug:ThrowPoison!”Touching Interactiong”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.DG:ExtremeViolence_StealMoneyFail”Touching Interaction”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.


[manus] Exception in &lt;class ‘sims4.tuning.instances.FireBug:GiveAHeartAttack!”Touching Interactiong”‘&gt;._tuning_loaded_callback.



Update Sac’s extreme violence and/or torture and chaos mod.


<desyncdata>Exception in Sim Timeline: Exception running Element (IndexError: list index out of range)&#xD;
Traceback (most recent call last):&#xD;
File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\”, line 212, in simulate&#xD;
File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\”, line 376, in _run&#xD;
File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\”, line 5165, in _execute_next_transition&#xD;
File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\”, line 4912, in _get_next_transition_info&#xD;
File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\postures\”, line 4688, in _handle_vehicle_transition_info&#xD;
IndexError: list index out of range&#xD;


Media Team SOP

*This is subject to amendment*


Media Team RULES:

We want people to feel like they are their own. No forced platform choice.

  1. Server rules MUST be followed, as well as platform policies.
  2. Law for state/country is to be followed. Use of alcohol, cigs, vape, and CBD oil should not be used unless on break if viewers find it offensive.
  3. In-Character (IC) events should never affect Out-Of-Character (OOC) relationships. Our ability to cooperate as people shouldn’t be compromised by our Roleplay (RP).
  4. Any issues that arise should be dealt with after the stream/recording session; as to not interrupt the flow of RP.
  5. NO DISCRIMINATION: this includes homophobia, sexism, racism, ageism, transphobia, and any other form of discrimination. There are LGBTQ+ members of the team, and the ages of the team have a wide range.
  6. Light cursing is allowed, but heavy cursing is not. Heavy cursing can drive away viewers.
  7. Stream Sniping and Metagaming are not allowed and are bannable offenses.
  8. Have fun while streaming and/or recording.




  1. When you go to record/stream a patrol, please be respectful of everyone. If a conflict arises in your chat between you and a view over any aspect of the RP, please excuse yourself from the RP for a few minutes to deal with the issue.
  2. When it comes to planned RP events, (weddings, funerals, or other important events), media team members may record and/or stream. This is for record purposes and doesn’t have to be done.
  3. Private arguments between members, media teams or not, should not come up in-stream or recording comments. Please leave these in DM’s.
  4. When you are in a media team meeting, Introduce yourself with your first name and last initial, then your screen name. This sets a professional presentation for those who miss the meeting. Anonymity is allowed. We cannot force you to give out your name on stream, or on a recording for your channel.
  5. DON’T talk over others in meetings. It’s rude, so if you must interrupt, please do so politely.
  6. Recruiting is not the focus of this team. Our focus is to entertain and present the community in a professional manner.

Discord Invites Master List

Kayleena’s S4MM:
These are all sims discords you should totally se about joining 🙂

      Crafting or Flipping a Pattern

Since Blizzard changed the requirements for leveling, you have a lot of players leveling their alts.

Something the casual player might be interested in is the Coastal Rejuvenation Potion made by Alchemists.

This could potentially be a good item to sell on the AH if you play your cards right.

The potion requires 2 Coastal Mana Potions and 2 Coastal Healing Potions. These can be purchased on the Auction House or crafted with herbalism

Purchasing Mats

If you purchase the mats on the AH, for 5 of each of the herbs it could cost 800-900g total depending on your server. The mats could also be farmed.

Purchasing mats

Farming Mats

Farming the mats, could take as long as you want or as little as you want but cost nothing to farm those on an herbalist and you don’t have to have a specific herbalist skill to farm them either.  The herbs needed for these recipes could be located nearly anywhere in Kul Tiras or Zuldazar.

farming mats

Is it worth it?

To buy the Coastal Healing Pots or Coastal Mana Pots would cost around a total of 117 gold. The coastal rejuvenation potion cost 170g for one, so if you craft and sell in packs of 5 you would get 850g, meaning you would only lose about 30g.

If you actually purchase the herbs, this might not seem like a lot. Imagine if you take the time to farm the necessary mats?


Best Selling Time

The best time to sell these would be in the early evening hours, just after kids get home from school, or others get home from work. Find out when players are most likely to be on alts and then put some in the auction house so you can sell some to the levelers on your server.


What should you do?

You could farm the mats and choose to sell those as well, and you would get some extra gold on top of the pots if that was the way you chose to go. The benefit would be 28 extra gold by selling the herbs instead of the potions.


I would go for that 28 extra gold, after all, “that is 28 more gold then what I had before.”


Tattoo Ideas of mine

I love tattoos! and I have told people before I have plenty of ideas of tattoos I want. Here is my list of tats that I want 🙂 In exact order of course.

  1. A white horse on a cloud (blue cloud)
  2. a dragon holding a crystal ball, make the dragon somewhat of an icy blue color if possible and try to see if the scales can look kind of glassy Mara’s face OR the mage symbol in the middle of the crystal ball? Kinda like your viewing her face in the crystal ball. But it’s got to be like a snow globe
  3. Cats coming out of a bag and hanging from it or hitting the ground type thing…add mixture
  4. Wall behind spiderman (brick wall or something complimentary)
  5. A tattoo to symbolize the suicide of my friends, Brian, John, David, & Barry
  6. Nightsky backdrop around the angel
  7. A tattoo that combines the Navy logo, Army Logo, Air Force logo, Coast Guard & Marines logo
  8. 2 Turtledoves
  9. Lion (if James has not come up with another idea by then for a tattoo symbolizing him)
  10. Phoenix rising from the graveyard defeating the grim reaper with the words “Face Everything & Rise” written as if they were burnt by the fire in the middle of the fire he’s above a graveyard, the grim is reaching with his scythe, this is a back tattoo, somewhere where you can have a large scenery <<< the grim could be throwing dirt into the grave, the head of the phoenix looking angry coming up out of the grave while frying the grim, Phoenix grabbing grim reaper from behind with talons…
  11. Soaring eagle with the word dake under one wing, mac under the other wing
  12. Princess Jasmine with her tiger, Rajah
  13. Ancient Egyptian
  14. Portrait of Tabby
  15. Portrait of Ghost
  16. Michael Jackson Memorial
  17. Pegasis
  18. Plumbob (Sims)
  19. Quote: “ALL lives matter”
  20. Cardinal with bluebonnet
  21. Jem Logo
  22. Belle & Ariel & Cinderella (same tattoo)
  23. Elsa from Frozen
  24. Skull with worms coming through it & being partially decayed
  25. Domestic Violence ribbon with the words “I’m a survivor”
  26. Anchor on the wrist: symbolize Taurus and my qualities.
  27. Prince Memorial tattoo
  28. Recolor Rose
  29. Recolor Gecko
  30. Sister tattoo J
  31. Life goes on the tattoo (To symbolize me continuing on after sad stuff has happened, my first marriage, the death in my families or friends, etc.)
  32. 2 Dragons hanging on a skull
  33. Poop Emoji (On the neck)





Pandemonium RP Rules


Speak English:

Due to the nature of online gaming, we require a single language so we can successfully moderate without miscommunications.

If you are speaking in a different language, admins will request that you speak English. Should you refuse you will be kicked or banned from the community.


Community Respect

Causing Drama and disrespecting players out of character or the server will cause you to have a warning from one of our staff members. Should you continue to disrespect the community, you will be banned. However, this is completely at the admin’s discretion. Speaking in any way that carelessly or intentionally creates or fuels negativity OOC towards other members of the community will not be tolerated. Negative/Derogatory remarks about; race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. is strictly prohibited. This includes in and out of RP.


Random Deathmatching

Walking up to a civilian and killing them without any valid roleplay reason will result in your character being detained and arrested for attempted murder or murder of a civilian. However, this will only apply to trusted members of the community. If you are new, killing people without inciting via voice, text or /me is classed as FailRP and will be punished by a Kick or Ban. Punishment of Regular and New members of the community will be left to the admin’s discretion.


Vehicle Deathmatching

Deliberately running over a Civilian without any valid roleplay reason will result in your character being detained and arrested for attempted murder or murder of a civilian. However, this will only apply to trusted members of the community. If you are new, killing people without inciting via voice, text or /me is classed as FailRP and will be punished by a Kick or Ban. Punishment of Regular and New members of the community will be left to the admin’s discretion.20200220015850_1

Force RP

Forcing civilians into RP scenarios without their permission grants them the ability to ignore the situation completely. You cannot force someone to die, however, you can attempt murder on them. However, if a player is exploiting the rule, then you can for an admin overrule and at least two admins have to agree to it. You are not allowed to force anyone to do anything if you try to bring an RP scenario to them and they would like more prep time so they can get what they want to do together, you are to allow them the respect and courtesy to do so.


Serious Medical and Criminal RP:

If you are planning to put your character into a serious roleplay situation (Coma, Death, Drug overdose) you should alert someone from EMS and Police at least 24hrs before the situation happens. Should you fail to contact anyone beforehand your call will be dealt with by local EMS or Police. This is so EMS and Police can research into their roleplay on how to playout the situation correctly. After the situation has happened you should notify a member of the police on what evidence they will find out of character.



Using out of character knowledge or knowledge gained by stream sniping to affect the outcome of a roleplay situation is frowned upon by our community and will get you kicked or deported from the city.



Roleplaying in a way that stops others from having fun or abusing mechanics so your character can “win” is viewed as power gaming.  Roleplaying as someone else’s character without notifying server staff is also a punishable offense. Depending on the situation you could be arrested or deported from the city.


Exploits and Bugs

Bug and Command Exploits, Hacking, Combat logging, DDOSing, and DDOS threats are all deportable offenses within the city. If you find a bug within the city report it in the bug reports section in discord. If you abuse the commands or bugs, you will be removed from the city. You will not be banned if you report any bugs or exploits to the staff immediately!




 Combat Logging

If you have been involved with an active RP, you must wait for 15 minutes after escaping or being arrested before you can disconnect. Should you have any reasons as to why you cannot wait, then please notify the admin and players involved via OOC chat and Discord.


Sexual Assault and Torture RP

Should you want to Roleplay sexual assault, kidnapping or torture. You must have out of character permission from your victim first. The victim can revoke permission at any point during the RP. If your character is caught, they will be punished by being sent to prison. You will also need someone’s permission to kidnap and kill them (unless they are a baldie.) Baldies are default characters and do not have any rights until they change their appearance.



If you are roleplaying as a Hitman or Assassin, out of respect for other players, you should send your target a copy of the contract out of character to allow them to prepare. However, victims choice if they wish to permanently kill their character or not.



When Robbing a Bank or Store, it is mandatory that you negotiate with the police while you are waiting for the Robbery Timer to complete. DO NOT shoot the police while they are arriving and setting up. Should you get trigger happy without negotiation, the police will respond with brute force, attack those involved and arrest you.

Black Market Weapons and Vehicles

Black Market Vehicles and Heavy Weapons (Rockets, AR’s, Sniper Rifles, Miniguns, and Bombs) should only be used during intense and planned roleplay situations such as Heists, Assassinations, Convoys or when guarding your Business/Real Estate. Weapons such as Melee, Jerry Cans, and Shotguns can be used at any point.


Drugs, Personal and Vehicle Inventory

While we are a CrimeRP friendly server. Using /Valet and /Park to spawn your cars in places that don’t make sense and fill up their inventory is FailRP. Should you decide to do this, you will receive a warning via a Kick. If you have received a warning and continue to exploit the vehicle inventory, you will be deported. Please carry things realistically. You are not to be rolling around with an absurd number of items in your inventory (i.e 10,000 Wine). You are only to carry the maximum limit of an item or items (i.e 20 Sprunk, 25 Chicken Nuggets,14 Joints)


Streamer Harassment

Anyone who is caught harassing streamers about being banned, will NOT be allowed to appeal. This includes stream sniping, trolling, and bashing.

Breaking Character and Unrealistic Roleplay

Doing stupid things such as using Adrenaline Pens during Hot situations, Spawning Objects, using language such as “This Game” or “IRL”  and driving your car after you have been pit maneuvered twice is unrealistic and breaks immersion. Punishment for breaking this rule is a charge for Witchcraft. This will be left to the  Officers and Admins discretion. Breaking character via Voice can result in a kick or ban from an admin or mod depending on the severity of the situation. If you do need to break character, please go into a car and set yourself to whisper or preferably use /OOC.

Character Blurring and Separation

Both you and your character are two different people. Just because someone doesn’t like your character in the city, does not mean they dislike you IRL. Should you struggle with this, it is recommended that you take a small break and speak to a mod for assistance.


We don’t tolerate people who break rules. Punishment of breaking them will be left to the admin’s discretion. First-time rule breakers will receive a kick as a warning, should they continue to break the rules they will be banned. You do not have a right to be here, this is a privilege for everyone who plays on our server. We have a motto here and unless you pay the owners bills you are to not bully, harass, browbeat or threaten your way out of any situation. We are all adults here please act like it or don’t waste anyone’s time.

Standard Medical RP

If you get downed in any way, please make sure you RP it out according to how you got downed. Always do /me to speak to the medical civilian that would be helping you out. If this is not done it will result in whatever punishment the staff feels necessary.

Who to contact and when?

If there is an issue OOC or within the city that isn’t in the developmental category you are to go to the Moderators first, if the moderators feel it necessary at all to get an admin involved please let that moderator do so personally. The owner of this server is to NEVER be contacted unless it’s through an admin and even then the admin team will tell the person who should be bringing it up to the owner himself. If anyone contacts the owner before contacting any other staff member there will be utter consequences for doing so.






In Character and Out Of Character Separation

You are to act as if you personally know nothing about your character, anything that happens to them is not to be knowledgeable to your real life self. You are not to be bringing any drama IC into the OOC part of your life and are not to be bringing the OOC into the IC part of your life. If something happens leave it IN CHARACTER. If someone is messaging you because of something that happened IC and they are angry or acting hostile please contact a Moderator and let them handle it amongst the other moderators.


Theft of Government vehicles

If you do so please make sure you have the best explanation and reasoning for it. This isn’t a situation where you can steal the PD or EMS vehicles because you don’t want to walk or you just want to have fun in one of the departments vehicles. If you steal a vehicle you better expect a heavy fine, your life will most definitely be at risk.


OOC ‘skybox’ Conversations

Local OOC should only be used to help with RP and to clarify actions that you can do to help out new players or players that haven’t ever done that specific actions. Global OOC is to only be used when you need the help of a staff member or to ask questions. Tell should only be used for private conversations for OOC purposes. If anything is IC you should be using /twt or calling them or texting them on their telephones.


Carrying other people

If there is a downed civilian on the ground, if they hit ‘G’ to call for a medic you are NOT TO MOVE THEM. If you are riding on a bike and it only fits 2 people you are not to pick another person up to get on the vehicle and go to whatever location you are going to next. You are allowed to lift someone out of a fire but they are not to be moved no more than 5 meters away. Be as realistic with carrying people as you possibly can. Do NOT ever carry someone back to Pillbox Medical or Mission Row Police Department when a medic or an officer has been called.


Cop and EMS Baiting

Do not go and try to gain the attention of an officer because you just want to be in a chase, or you are bored, or you want to see the response time of the PD. If you go and start a robbery please don’t immediately stop so you can go hide and see what the response time of the officers would be. If you see an officer you are not to purposely drive by them to gain the attention of ‘said person’ to get into a car chase. The same rules apply to EMS. You are not to go down and immediately spawn back at Pillbox directly after hitting ‘G’ to gain medical attention. You are not to try and call an EMS just because you want to see the response time of the department. If you get knocked out from fighting remember the New Life Rule and RP the situation out properly.

Gaming Community Takes a Hit

Elvine & Dylan Simz were instrumental in their chosen streaming communities.
Elvine streamed World of Warcraft & Dylan Simz streamed The Sims as well as an EA Game Changer.
Elvine was arrested in “Operation Interception”. Operation Interceptions’ purpose was to arrest persons who communicate with children online, have sexually explicit conversations, and then travel to meet them for the purpose of having sex.
Dylan Simz who is 27 years old was sexually harassing underage teenage boys. He was an EA Game Changer and an essential part of EA’s Community partnership program.

Effect on the Community

Sexual harassment will be brought to light and taken seriously. People eventually forgot about Elvine and moved on, in fact, there have not been much said about him since he was released on bail.
EA Game Changers left the game changers program. Some players have even admitted they may never play the game again.



Broken Trust

The streaming community may not be as trusted as it once was. Electronic Arts will need to crack down on how they select their Game Changers in the future.


Streamers Community


Streamers could develop a bad name or a new stereotype. There will need to be some measures put in place by twitch and other companies to prevent sexual harassment in the future.


Protecting Your Children

Parents should know what games their children are playing online. The games and internet usage should also be monitored, especially if there are forums or chats that other players might attend.

Some of the ways you can protect your children:

–  Monitor children’s access
–  Use parental controls for underage kids
–  Moderators on chat boards should be keeping an eye for underage or ‘grooming’
–  Don’t be silent if they are harassed


They should do background checks and put measures in place to further protect as well as prevent future issues. What do you think could be done to protect viewers and creators? |