Why Self-Hosting is Best

There is often a question of whether you should use Wix or self-host. You even have WordPress and other sites where you can host a website. These websites could be for blogs, portfolios, or even a website based on information. There is a lot that goes into building a site of any kind. You have […]

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OBS Resources

Hello! This here is a list of resources I have set up and located to help others with regular OBS.   A lot of people use Streamlabs OBS, personally myself I find this a very confusing and complex program but I do reccomnend using the Regular OBS. Here are some resources that can help you. […]

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Sean, My Love

Sean, My Love, I know it’s best to communicate. I left this letter with the locals at Pillbox in case they saw you. I am sorry for taking off the way I did. I have so many mixed emotions. Sissy is awake now as you probably know by now. I fear that my worst fear […]

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My Favorite Articles

Here are a list of articles I have written that are my favorite ones: https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-friends-in-strange-places/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/what-can-world-of-warcraft-teach-you/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/why-the-sims-medieval-failed/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/istaria-a-game-for-dragon-lovers/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/what-to-do-when-a-guild-leader-gets-hacked-in-wow/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/wows-biggest-storymistakes/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/top-10-rarest-items-in-world-of-warcraft/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-how-to-manage-multiple-alts/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-expert-tips-on-playing-frost-mages/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/6-tips-to-get-you-started-in-world-of-warcraft/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/what-to-do-if-youve-been-hacked-in-world-of-warcraft/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/playing-with-the-extreme-violence-mod-for-the-sims-4/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/the-wizarding-world-crate-the-box-for-harry-potter-fans/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/woman-of-warcraft-weekly-most-misunderstood-characters/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/why-dont-i-play-star-wars-the-old-republic/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/do-you-really-need-custom-content-in-the-sims/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/beginners-tips-for-the-sims/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/why-i-dislike-toddlers-in-the-sims-4/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/why-the-sims-online-failed/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/5-essential-things-every-new-wow-player-should-know/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-editorial-alexstrasza-mother-of-dragons/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/why-i-love-the-sims/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/how-video-games-can-be-therapeutic/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/is-world-of-warcraft-really-just-a-game/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/finding-fun-in-world-of-warcraft/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/how-world-of-warcraft-changed-my-life/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/battle-of-the-buildings-simcity-vs-cities-skylines/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/women-of-warcraft-weekly-why-should-you-play-world-of-warcraft/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/how-forsaken-world-could-have-been-better/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/supernatural-how-will-it-end/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/how-lady-jaina-and-lady-sylvanas-are-alike/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-why-i-didnt-pvp-from-bc-to-legion/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/top-5-violence-mods-in-the-sims-4/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/shipping-anduin-top-10-potential-brides/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/lady-jaina-was-she-really-a-traitor-to-kul-tiras/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/dbd-why-i-uninstalled-dead-by-daylight/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/sacrificial-copied-by-electronic-arts/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/who-wanted-lady-sylvanas-as-warchief/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/tyrande-whisperwind-high-priestess-of-elune/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/grandparents-day-special-aegwynn-guardian-of-tirisfal/ https://www.dvsgaming.org/world-of-warcraft-the-creepiest-quest-in-drustvar/ […]

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Mysteries of Crawford Road

Imagine driving down a quiet road barely traveled.  The moonlight is shining through the trees.  The windows down, a cool breeze, and the smell of autumn in the air.  As you go around the curve, you find a cobblestone bridge passing over the road.  Getting closer, there appears to be someone hanging off the side wearing […]

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My Night

My night began as any other normal weeknight. Come home, fix dinner, and play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: ‘Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet.’ So I headed to the site of my demise: […]

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Elvine & The Blizzard Community

By now, you have probably heard about Elvine being busted in a sex sting. Elvine is a popular World of Warcraft Streamer & gold maker. 21 people were arrested as a result of child porn and sex trafficking crimes. Thomas Cheung, who goes by Elvine was one of those persons arrested. This has affected the […]

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Onyx Angel’s Backstory

Some of you know of my character in GTA RP (FiveM). Her name is Onyx Angel and today I will be giving you her story, at least what I do have written down anyways. It is still a work in progress, but one I am slowly but surely working on. Onyx Angel was a bright […]

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Letter of Complaint: Westwood College

To: whom it may concern,                                                                                                                2/1/2011 I am a former Westwood college online student. I attended Westwood College online from January 2009 till October 2010 which is the last date of attendance I have at hand. Unfortunately, I ended up having computer problems. I had to get a new computer. I applied for a Leave […]

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Joan of Arc: Great Leader?

Joan of arc is a great role model for young women everywhere. Sure, movies such as the messenger have made her look crazy, schools have been afraid to mention her name because she actually dates back in a religious history dealing with the Catholic Church, you probably cannot find any mention of her anywhere in […]

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